Ashford School

Ashford School

Axu merit College (Ashford School) is a private boarding schools designed especially for 3-18 students, was founded in 1898, is located in the United Kingdom within a town in Kent County, covers an area of approximately 23 acres, 5 minutes walking distance you will find the yuelesi train station. School has been the oldest classroom building was built in 17th century, with kindergartens, primary and secondary sections.


Students will start from 5-11 and has a broad and balanced curriculum. Over 15% students in this school parents Professor and lawyer. All students will study English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, French, German, or Spain, history, geography, Latin, classical studies, religious studies, personal and social education, home economics, technology, drama, music, and physical education and other subjects. The A-level, all students are required to take six or seven subjects, including English, United Kingdom literature, mathematics, foreign language, and all three science subjects (biology, chemistry, physics), plus two to four on-demand section. Ashford provides a total of 22 different GCSE subjects, while the school provides up to 24 A-Level and AS-Level accounts for students, including subjects such as archaeology and Zoology, while the school every year many students go on to study the world’s highest institution of Cambridge or Oxford University. In addition, the school provides students with a comprehensive and informative career counselling, and the school has academic and musical scholarships awarded to outstanding students.

Campus life

School as a boarder has arranged a series of educational, cultural and sports events over the weekend, gave the students do in their spare time to attend. Boarding alive can enjoy computers, art, and sports facilities in schools, especially the indoor pool. School will be held in May every year called “boarding adventure weekend” activities, including riding ponies of Wales travel to Central England, then by boat through the canals. The Centenary Sports Centre facilities are available near the school, including a 20-metre indoor heated swimming pool, 11 tennis courts, 3 hockey pitches and a fitness room. In each a semester in are has 40 a learned and the project in school within for, for example annual are will has about 30 to 40 a in the four female students participate in Edinburgh Duke award plans, and to European travel and the ski, and for Exchange students to Spain, and Germany, and France, and and the Italy; school also will arrangements students to Greece, and Soviet, and China, and Egypt, and and the United States, to visit.


School accommodations a first-class, café, common room and other facilities inside the building. Meanwhile, students can have their own independent learning space. Each accommodation building has a full-time staff to take care of the students ‘ daily life.

Undergraduate undergraduate graduate ESL ESL ESL high school high school graduate
TOEFL requirement 0 0 0 0 0 0
IELTS requirement 0 5.5 0 0 0 0
GPA / 0 / 0 / 0
GPE / / / / / 0
GMAT / / / / / 0
Application materials

Tuition-> 0.00 GBP/years
Tuition-> 6000.00~9000.00 GBP/year
Total cost-> 20000.00 GBP/years